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 Takashi Yamanaka

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PostSubject: Takashi Yamanaka   Fri May 22, 2015 11:51 pm

Ninja Info
Name: Takashi Yamanaka
Village: Konoha
Rank: Jounin

Height: 6'2
Weight: 184
Personality: Always the conceited one, Takashi is one to appreciate himself, his talents, and his looks. However, one must realize that conceit is not the same as arrogance. While he is certainly aware of all of his good qualities, and is not afraid to flaunt them, he recognizes his flaws as well, and does not view himself as superior in any way… But he still makes it clear how amazing he is. He dedicates great appreciation to aesthetics, and always tries to instill confidence in others by reminding them of their positive aspects; he is also rather optimistic.

Affinity and Techniques


History/Bio:Yamanaka Takashi grew up accustomed to wealth and luxury. Of course he did, living as the heir to the Yamanaka Clan. He was pampered and complimented throughout his childhood, and gained a strong sense of self-worth because of it. In fact, he more or less floated along through life, even through the Academy. He didn’t graduate at the top of his class or anything, but he did adequately and was placed on a team with two other Genin and a Jounin.

Then, he realized that he couldn’t just drift along just because he was going to be clan leader; he had to work even harder because of that. It was then that he began to train intensely to become truly worthy of one day leading his clan. Of course, he didn’t lose his confidence and conceit. Though he performed excellently on missions, in his group, and in the exams, his behavior began to raise questions. Sure, it was normal for a teenaged boy to be cocky, but Takashi seemed to appreciate beauty a bit too much, especially that of other men… Not that this was a huge issue, but for such an established and distinguished clan, it caused a bit of a scandal, and he faced quite a sizable amount of ridicule and heckling.

Now Takashi is the top sealer in all of Konoha, and maybe out of the 5 great villages. He takes great pride in his village, clan, and family. He is a very close friend of the Hokage.
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Takashi Yamanaka
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