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 Site's Rules and Punishment

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PostSubject: Site's Rules and Punishment   Thu May 21, 2015 1:34 am

1.) This site is PG-13; No extreme gore, below the waist stuff... etc.
2.) Killing can be done if either both players agree, or an admin approves.
3.) Remember you'll all be roleplaying with eachother, so keep cussing to a minimum level. Do not direct it towards a person. Racism will not be tolerated
4.)  No Godmodding.
5.)  If a member of the Dark Naruto Higher Ups retires their position or is unable to meet the qualifications anymore, the spot will be open for application.
6.). Please don't be an ass.
7.) Do not blatantly disrespect or argue with the staff. They are here to mediate and do what's best for the site,  not what's worst for you.
7b.) A petition against an action of a higher-up is allowed. Please bring the issue before all of the admins, to which they would then vote.
8.) You must get permission from the creator of the thread to join their topic unless the topic is public.
9.) The site Admins are allowed to control this site however they say fit; they may change the rules, etc., as they wish as long as it is in benefit for the site.
10.) Not following these rules correctly will result in a punishment. Deal
11.) Only Administrators are allowed to create Announcements.
12.) Please use proper grammar.
13.) Death Matches must be approved by both characters, and must be overseen by an admin or moderator.Please remember there will also be ic penalties for this as there are in game laws against murder.
14.) Double Posting is not aloud, just edit your post, and please wait your turn.
15.) You cannot dodge every move; please be reasonable.
16.)Genin can't kill Jounin. Jounin wouldn't kill Genin. Use common sense.
17.) Don't make a topic if it's not going to be RP'd in.
18.) If a S-Rank Position (Kage, S-Rank Rogue, etc, Advanced ANBU, etc.) is inactive for more than 2 weeks without logical reason, they are demoted and the spot is up for grabs.

1st Offense:
- Warning
2nd Offense:
- Demotion of Position if applicable
3rd Offense:
-24 Hour ban
4th Offense
-7 day ban
5th+ Offense
-Permanent Ban
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Site's Rules and Punishment
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