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 Zen Tankou

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PostSubject: Zen Tankou   Mon May 25, 2015 7:25 am

Ninja Info
Name: Zen Tankou
Clan: Tankou Clan
Village: Kumogakure
Rank: Jounin

Age: 32
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 191 lbs
Personality: Zen is cool, calm, and collective. He has a serious personality but also has a concealed warm spot and gets wild when it comes to combat and training. He's very interested in learning new techniques and skills in order to increase his powers. He supports his clan and is constantly wanting to gain more power in order to protect his clanmates. He gets excited but sometimes unprepared for missions. Zen is cunning and observant, a trait described by his parents, which marks him proficient as a squad leader, but Zen hates such responsibility and usually goes with his comrade's choices. Zen is like a lone warrior and perfers to go on solo missions so people won't have to witness the carnage that Zen causes. The man possess massive murderous intent and killer instinct against people that he judges to have be on similiar level to him. He really likes to battle fearsome foes and just can't get enough of it. He reveals immense respect for anyone superior to him, but the only exception might be his sensei. He possess a dry sense of humor so he dosen't make alot of close friends.

Zen quickly rushes to the scene where might a comrade's life is endangered. When it comes to murder, Zen gets risks his own life to rescue them from Death's clutches. His expression remains neutral and sullen and is not short-tempered. The moment his killing instinct or anger arises, the grudge he holds quickly diminishes the next day and he forgets about it. Zen is able to think of quick plans when it comes to strategizing. Although it mostly can be inaccurate and bleak, he's still able to analyze enemy movement and abilities and discover advantages and disadvantages to it. He believes that all jutsus have limitations and loopholes in them. Zen is quite agile and the most distingushing feature he has are the hawk-like eyes he glares at you with that can send shivers crackling down your spine.

Zen has a strong and annoyingly-resistant will. He has been captured numerous times in ages of intense war-like events for torture and interrogation. Zen's will allowed him to resist the interrogators for abnormally long periods of time before either being knocked out due to the pressure or escaping. Generally, Zen has two natures to him. On the side that's more seen, Zen acts all tough and hates immature acts. He's extremely cautious and hates people who either talk too loud or talk too much, pushing them aside to resume whatever he's doing. Even in combat, he subdues opponents by trying to catch them off guard and engage in close-range combat, where Zen will soon knock them out and finish the mission. On that side, the mission is the goal. However, on another side, where Zen is extremely aggravated and is being overwhelmed by someone of similiar rank but with higher power or a rouge with greater skill, he transform into a true barbarian. He charges towards his enemies like a savage and attempts to kill them within a few seconds once they grab them using his rage and enhanced strength (due to the anger). He has no regard for his comrade's lives once that happens, and most likely once that side appears, Zen's a dead man. He places a great deal of trust of anyone higher or closely acquainted to him, but with lower classes, they can prove their use later.

Affinity and Techniques
Specialty: Taijutsu/Nintaijutsu
Element: Raiton, Doton

Strength: 30
Speed: 25
Chakara: 20

Early Childhood/Pre-Academy Arc:

Zen Tankou is the son of the reknown Shigen Tankou and the kind Namikio Tankou. Since the moment of his birth, Zen was expected to be special among the other Tankou children as his father was branded as a proud prodigy in the clan and graduated top of his class at a young age. However, Zen was poorly build and rather slow on learning. The clan elders feared that there won't be a suitable leader for their clan and they blamed it on his mother, Namikio Tankou who was given Zen too much freedom. But Shigen did not give up as he continue to nurture his son like a normal parent would, so there would be someone to guard the clan when he left this world and to succeed the current clan leader, Airon Tankou. He was very close to his mother but also distant from his father. He sometimes felt he didn't know him at all despite all of the care he has been giving him. The greatest motivation he has all lies on his father. On his own free time when he's not playing with his sister or cooking with his mom, Zen trains in the clan's local training grounds in hope of becoming great. At age 6, Zen had become one of the rare, few Tankou members to unlock this power at a young age. When Zen was practicing in the field, he fall and sat on a couple of metal coins. He picked them up and squeezed it tightly. He was training to learn how to manipulate chakra taught by his mother but just couldn't get it right. With a large force, he slammed his fist on the ground. Miracously, Zen's hand began to ache and he began to scream in pain. His hand darkened until it changed to to color of copper. It took his mother several minutes to disable the partial transformation and restore Zen back to his normal state. From then on, Zen became sullen but knew his own destiny as a shinobi. At age 8, he enrolled in the Ninja Academy to begin his life as a shinobi-in-training.

Academy Arc:

During his times at the Academy, Zen studied hard on the ninja basics and Shinobi Code of Conduct. He quickly memorized most of the text but then grew quite bored. His studies were too long and too hard that it seperated his social life. But that didn't bother Zen, he didn't even realize it. His grades exceeded the standards and his Taijutsu and Ninjutsu were above-average. His chakra control had amazed his teachers and they were described as "truly above the expectations." However, his Shurikenjutsu and skills with ninja tools were only between poor and normal. This is partially due to Zen's fear of metallic objects. But even so, he developed accurate aiming that has a high chance of hitting whatever he wants. Above all, his "Intelligence" and "Shinobi Knowledge" were the best just above his "Speed" as he was the fastest student in his class. At age 8, he was given a steel sword by the clan leader himself and destoryed his fear of metallic objects. He studied for nearly four years but failed the exams on his first try. Dissapointing his father, Zen decided to try again. With a single look at Zen's grades, you might have guessed that he's suitable for having genius talent but his Genjutsu skills and Leadership were just too horrible. He easily becomes lazy when it comes to corporation and so any projects that he was assigned to finish came up poor. Still, he practiced at home his Ninjutsu techniques and mastered the basics. At age 12, the exams came once again and Zen was prepared for it. He finally passed the test and would soon become part of the Ninja Universe. His reports had made them proud of Zen, which had sastified him.

Genin Arc:

Just two months after his graduation ceremony, Zen had developed his first elemental affinity- Doton. The chakra nature was the same as Shigen's as he also had the Doton element as his first. He was several simple Doton ninjutsu that might help Zen is later times while he's increasing his muscular strength. His clan techniques also furthered as he was able to cover his body in a sturdy layer of steel. He was taught some Taijutsu such as the Iron Fist, Iron Elbow, and Leaf Hurricane by his father. Learning more about his clan's history, he was sometimes considered in the thoughts of the elders as the reincarnation of Koumanzen- the clan's great ancestor who had a hidden partial-metallic spine that rarely appears in the Tankou clan. He made use of his abiities and was good at using the clan's Metal Fist style. But a dreadful event fell on Zen that inflicted a lot of emotional impact on him. His father had fallen ill to a new virus formed from the combination of certain dieseases from his father's associates. Shigen was gravely in danger and with no medical assistance, death would be certain. That mentally had an effect on Zen and he had locked himself from the world and his family, spending most of his time in his room. Then, in a dream, an old man had spoken to him that somehow gave Zen some hope and shedded light in the shadowy world he has taken refuge in. As long as he worked hard like his father fighting to live, then he'll live. Miracously, the doctors had found a cure for the virus and successfuly brung Shigen back to his healthy state, which had brung Zen out of the darkness as well. So he had avoided other students in order to ask what kind of world his father himself was in. But his father had dismissed it and returned right to training, despite the rest the doctors had informed him of. Eventually, his training at home ended as he was informed to be joining a Genin cell and begin his life as a shinobi, with a Jounin to lead the squad and to complete missions. He had also discovered his Raiton affinity but never got the chance to learn some techniques. Zen was a little nervous but excited to officially be a ninja. He remains calm and goes on as a Genin, clashing combat every day as shinobi. During the Chunin Exams, Zan excelled through the first part easily due to his superior mental intelligence. During the Forest of Death, it took four days for Daisuke, Ganteki, and Zen to reach the Tower with both scrolls. During the third part, Kiyomi had to face Sanada Sarutobi and Shuko Senju. Kiyomi defeated Sanada Sarutobi but lost to Shuko, due to his own brute strength losing against Shuko's Mokuton power. At the end, his skills and strength were great enough that he was evaluated by the judges to advance to the rank of Chunin.

Chunin Arc:

Zen advanced to Chunin at age 12, where he mastered more Tankou, Doton, and even begun to master some new Raiton techniques. However, his mastery over the Taijutsu skill overcame his mastery over the Ninjutsu skill. A war broke out. During the war, Zen's parents died but he still forged forward to battle for his village. Zen's combatant skills grew immensely during the war, but his service ended when he broke his left arm and was successfully treated, except the wound was left as the scar of the war. The war only lasted for two years, and after the war, Zen joined the ANBU Squads. AS an ANBU Black Op, Zen learned skills designed for a true assassin. He learned advanced assassination methods from which he can use to efficiently, silently, and quickly kill hordes of enemies. He mastered close-range and long range fighting at a young age and as a secret village scouter, learned elite tracking and surveillance skills. He knew expert-level evasive manuevers and how to quickly strategize and think of an excellent battle tactic that will best fit the current situation and stick to it. As a ANBU black Op, he was sent on numerous missions to deal with rouges. Zen encountered near-death thrice against Asumaru Kishin, Ukosies Kedamono, and Hiruma Hitomi which were all Jounin-level ninja at that time. Zen actually achieved a great bounty on them.

Jounin Arc:

At age 19, Zen advanced to Jounin rank. He also became a squad Captain at age 21 where he was considered to be one of the village's top ten assassins due to his high rank. His knowledge of their assassination, battle, and scouter arts were furthered, but he retired from ANBU at age 30. AS a Jounin, Zen's Taijutsu increased to the point that he was at least one of Kumogakure's top five Taijutsu fighters. His Ninjutsu merely caught up with his Taijutsu by skill, but he still relies on Taijutsu most of the time. Zen faced interrogation many times, but he was still able to escape and assassinate. During one mission, he was sent to kill a former Jounin who committed human experiments. Zen was ambushed and was imprisoned by the scientist. The scientist, who was looking for a way to change one's phenotype to change a person into an army of destructive and brutal creatures to serve him. The scientist altered Zen's physical apperance into what he looks like today, altering Zen into a human form of a more werewolf-like appearance. This, however, is not shown by his appearance but by his battle style. Even so, Zen easily escaped and killed the doctor, though it was hard for his comrades to recognize him as the sweet, gentle, and black-haired man. He also mastered the Tankou Clan's secret and hidden technique, which was extremely rare these days as only a single Tankou per century is expected to master the technique. He is recognize by most shinobi for his particular battle style to render opponents' weaponry with swords, counter any attack they use with Ninjutsu, overcome projectiles and getting closer with Taijutsu, and engaging combat with metal-enhanced Taijutsu from which he uses to knock the opponents out in a few minutes. Not only did Zen excelled in Taijutsu and the assassination arts, he also formed a summoning pact with "werewolves." Zen is currently serving as one of Kumogakure's top ninja and is looking for a reasonable spar. Zen has killed 768 shinobi.
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hm, actually finished dis.......
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Ninja Info

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Looks good but please send me a pm describing the werewolf part. Not the summons but the other when you say he was changed or enhanced. I am just a little confused
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Zen Tankou
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