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 Stats Guide

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PostSubject: Stats Guide   Fri May 22, 2015 10:31 am

Stats are split up into three categories. The first being strength, which comes into play when two shinobi physically clash. Whoever has more points in that stat will win the encounter/clash. The second stat is speed. It determines how fast your character is able to move. For instance, two shinobi race or swing a weapon at the same time, the one with more points will be faster. The last stat is chakara. It determines how many jutsu you will be able to perform. See the 'Jutsu Cost/Info' Thread. Below is the amount of points each rank will be able to distribute.

Rank Stats
Genin(D rank): 25 Points
Chunin(C-B)- 45 Points
Jonin(B-A)- 75 Points
Anbu(A-S)- 85 Points
Kage/Sanin(S Rank)- 100 Points
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Stats Guide
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