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 Element Guide

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PostSubject: Element Guide   Sat May 23, 2015 5:15 am

There are five basic elements, which are available to all ranks to some extent. See 'Rank Guide', also below is a list of the five basic elements and what they are strong and weak against. Jutsu with elements going against their weaker counterpart can negate or absorb the jutsu.
Example A B-Rank fire jutsu can overtake a B-Rank Wind jutsu, and can negate an A-Rank Wind Jutsu.
5 Basic Elements

  • Strong against Wind.
  • Weak against Water.


  • Strong against Fire.
  • Weak against Earth.


  • Strong against Water.
  • Weak against Lightning.


  • Strong against Earth.
  • Weak against Wind


  • Strong against Lightning
  • Weak against Fire

Below is a list of advanced elements, and what elements make them up. They are usually multiple elements combines, and are only open to chunin+ rank unless clan kekkei genkai allows it.

Advanced Elements

  • Ice-Wind+Water
  • Wood-Water+Earth
  • Lava-Fire+Earth
  • Storm-Water+Lightning
  • Boil-Fire+Water
  • Dust-Fire+Earth+Wind
  • Explosion-Lightning+Earth
  • Scorch-Fire+Wind
  • Magnet-Wind+Earth
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Element Guide
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